NB-14 measurement data display application installation

This smartphone app allows to you to check the measurement data and conditions for the Noise Dosimeter NB-14.
※Works only on Android. 
You can easily view them by connecting NB-14 to your smartphone via supplied cable.
Please check the following notes before installing.

We are preparing to release it on Google Play Store. Until then, please install it from RION website.

Supporting operation models:

Google Pixel 6a、SHARP AQUOS wish2、SHARP AQUOS sense6、SONY Xperia5、SONY Xperia 10 Ⅳ、Google Pixel 6a, SHARP AQUOS wish2, SHARP AQUOS sense6, SONY Xperia5, SONY Xperia 10 Ⅳ, Samsung Galaxy A21, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Fujitsu arrows We, Fujitsu arrows Be4, OPPO Reno A, OPPO Reno5 A

  • ※It may not work depending on the usage status of the device.
  • ※Supporting operation system: Android12

This app is the same as the one that can be downloaded from Google Play, but there are the following differences in the installation process.

  • You may need to temporarily disable security.Please return it immediately after installation.
    If you leave it set to disabled, your smartphone may suffer from data breach or loss.
  • Warnings such as “Potentially harmful file” may be displayed from Android.

Please be sure to check the “Download Instructions” before installing.